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Standing water on your property?

Every spring, or after a big rainfall, do you have issues with water accumulating on your property? Continue reading for more information on why this happens, and what solutions we can provide for you.

If the existing ground is graded correctly then the solution is to just add more material and evenly spread it over the existing area which resolves the problem quite easily.

If you have ground that is not graded correctly then the existing ground may have to be excavated down to ensure proper drainage with minimal material needed to raise the elevation enough to have proper water flow.

In other circumstances, what may be needed is for weeping tile to be installed with drainage stone which allows for water to flow where it otherwise would be difficult to get proper drainage.

Once your property has the proper rough grading completed then the next step is to ensure it looks even better, with the spreading of freshly mixed topsoil. This gives your yard the fresh look it needs by giving the sod or grass seed the extra nutrients it needs to take root.

Driveways/Parking Lots

If you have standing water on your driveway or parking lot it can be attributed to not having enough slope on the area. To overcome this you will need to bring up the elevation with more gravel. Another cause of poor drainage is due to your commercial building or house being built to low in the ground. (This does happen and we come across this every now and again). This leads to the problem of the water not getting away from the building as there is not enough slope to the ditch. The solution is to put in a french drain, also known as drainage rock with filter cloth laid underneath. This also adds character to your property.

When you are constantly driving though water that can't run off your gravel pad or driveway, it leads to pot holes. You can get the pot holes filled in with fresh gravel, but they will just reappear as water accumulates on the gravel and washes out the filled pot holes. To overcome this, another lift of gravel can be added, or if that isn't possible the gravel can be sloped to a drain and a pipe can be put through to the ditch.

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