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Installing and Repairing Septic Systems

Updated: Mar 11

When installing a new septic system there are a few important steps to the process to ensure it goes smoothly.

The first step in the process is determining which kind of septic system is required.  Depending on the house, property size, and soil conditions; there are a variety of septic tanks and sizes of septic fields to consider.

To find the right solution for you the information we require is; the square footage of the house, and the total number of bedrooms and bathrooms. With this information we can then determine the capacity of the tank that will need to be installed. There are a few tanks to choose from depending on your budget and the ground conditions. If the groundwater is prevalent then a concrete tank will be a better choice. Since a fiber glass one will want to float if there aren't anchors holding it in place.

If your property is larger than 2 acres you will need a septic field. A septic field is where the effluent is pumped out. The solid waste is kept in the septic tank until the septic truck pumps out the tank. The tank will need to be pumped out once a year, or sooner depending on usage.

The importance of knowing soil conditions is necessary for the installation of the septic field. Soil conditions help us to accurately determine the field size and the installation process we will need to follow.

When repairing your septic system, you may need new lines as frost may cause the ground to shift and crack a pipe. The solution to this is to re-trench the area of the field which has the problem. Although this will be a time consuming project it is still better than replacing the whole field. In some cases, the option becomes available to hook up your sewer system to the town line. When this happens the septic field is no longer needed and it can be decommissioned and the ground can be repurposed.

I am sure we can answer any further questions you may have regarding this.

Contact us to get your project underway!

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