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Introduction to Gravel Products.

Updated: Mar 5

Do you have the need for gravel but not sure what material you need to order?

In this blog I will go over the different limestone products available and the primary use for each one.

What is Limestone Gravel?

Limestone is formed from the compression of sediment on the floor of an ocean or lake. Limestone is mainly comprised of Calcium carbonate. It biologically forms from the compaction of marine animal shells and skeletons/bones. The evaporation of water also allows for the minerals to become dense enough to sink and rest on the ocean floor. Over time the accumulation of sediment compresses from the weight of the water forming Limestone.

Crushed Limestone Products

The material is crushed to different size specifications and each size serves a specific purpose. 1/4'' down is the smallest crush material which has rock no larger than 1/4''. This material is generally used as a topping or in place of sand when installing paving stone.

The next size of material that is crushed is 3/4'' down. This size material is graded in a similar way being that 3/4'' is the largest size in the mix. The word "Down" refers to the fines that are smaller than 3/4''. This material in some other jurisdictions is referred to as 3/4" minus.

This is one of the most common products used for driveways, roads, and parking lots as it normally meets specifications for use as an approved roadway material.

2" Down limestone is another product that works well if used as the base material under the 3/4" down. This material will add stability and support for heavy loads and regular traffic. This material is mainly used under parking lots, roads and driveways to achieve increased durability.

4" and 6" down limestone serve a similar purpose to the 2" down but are for situations where increased loads are expected. Such as commercial traffic areas and where sub-soils have minimal load bearing capacity.

Where there are very soft sub-soil conditions we recommend the use of geo-textile before placing any limestone or base material to prevent the sub-soil from mixing in with it.

Hopefully this makes the decision easier for you when you need to order. If there are any questions you have about the products we are glad to help you in whatever way we can.

If you know what material you need, place your order today. Should you need it spread we can supply a machine and operator. gravel driveway where to buy gravel.

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